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Reseller program

Today Elecard is launching its much awaited reseller program and starts looking for resellers, distributors and retailers to participate in reselling our award winning software products. The Reseller Program is open to any company that resells software to end-users. It is extremely rewarding program which promises additional revenue to every certified reseller. The benefits of reselling Elecard products:

  • Free Account
  • Lowest prices (not seen online)
  • Immediately granted commission on each successful sale.
  • Monthly recurring commission upgrade.
  • Additional commissions on volume sales.

Go ahead, sign up and have a look around. When you are ready to start selling Elecard, the Reseller Program makes it easy!

How to Get Started:

To be approved for the program, you should commit to make the first order on no less than $500.

Software Resale Process:

  • Add Products to Shopping Cart - from our website, add the products you wish to resell to your shopping cart. You may use our PC products index at http://www.elecard.com/products/products-pc/
  • Complete details of your customer during checkout - the software will be licensed to the company/individual listed in the Shipping Address.
  • Enter your Reseller Code - Enter your user ID and password in the Returning customer/reseller section on the checkout - that allows you to obtain your reseller discount.

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The given reseller program is offered for Elecard software products available for sale via ShareIt! The program does not work for OEM integration/bundling, it is intended for companies who purchase Elecard products for further reselling to any individual or entity for personal use or use within the company but not for commercial use, re-selling, transferring or otherwise distribution. If you are OEM/system integrator looking to integrate, bundle the software within your products or system and further sell it, contact our Elecard Sales Department.