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Elecard Video Transform SDK

Elecard Transform SDK is a special package of DirectShow filters and program samples that allow to efficiently resize, convert and correct colors, transform aspect ratio, deinterlace, convert framerate and perform other transformation of video.
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Elecard Video Transform SDK is a software development kit intended to enable programmers to develop digital video transform applications using the Elecard components within the Microsoft® DirectShow® technology.

Base Classes

Base Classes – a C++ class library that simplifies common tasks, appearing during development of multimedia applications, such as: DirectShow graphs building, filters and pins control etc. Base classes are used in SDK sample applications and are delivered in source form.

Sample applications*

Elecard Video Transform SDK samples are simple applications that demonstrate Elecard components and Base Classes use. The samples are written in C++.

  • Elecard 2HD Video Scaler is a filter that resizes video to HD resolution (1280x720 or 1920x1080). An embedded high quality deinterlacer makes it possible to convert interlaced video to progressive video with the resolution of 720p or 1080p. Filter supports several image scaling methods and aspect ratio transformation.

  • Elecard Video Scaler can perform various tasks and has a lot of useful features. With this filter you will easily change video resolution, set aspect ratio and crop frame edges. It supports several methods of image scaling and aspect ratio setting.

  • Elecard Deinterlacer is a filter made for converting interlaced video to progressive video. This component supports two methods of deinterlacing—high quality and high speed, respectively. It allows converting video to double frame rate, generating a separate output frame from every input field. The filter has been proven to work exceptionally well with Elecard Converter Studio, an outstanding video conversion application.

  • Subtitle Player. Demonstrates use and adjustment of Elecard Subtitle Renderer filter. Represents basic player functionality (Start, Stop, Fast forward, Rewind, Positioning, etc) and visualizes subtitles stored in .XML file.

  • Logo Player. Overlays logo on video using Elecard Logo Renderer filter. Represents basic player functionality (Start, Stop, Fast forward, Rewind, Positioning, etc).


Elecard Video Transform SDK documentation consists of the following documents:

  • Elecard Video Transform SDK Reference Manual

  • Elecard Components Reference Manual

  • Elecard Base Classes Reference Manual

  • Elecard Module Configuration Programmer Guide



Please be aware that sample applications comprised in Elecard Video Transform SDK use decoding and demultiplexing components registered in a system to build a filter graph. Such components are not included into SDK setup package and can be installed using any vendor software packages. For MPEG-2 and AVC video format support we recommend installing Elecard Video Decoder Pack for SDK.