JPEG 2000 is based on the discrete wavelet transformation (DWT), scalar quantization, context modeling, arithmetic coding and post-compression rate allocation.

JPEG 2000 provides random access (i.e. involving a minimal decoding) to the block level in each sub-band, thus making possible to decode a region of the image without having to decode it as a whole. These two features could be very advantageous in applications such as digital libraries.

From a functionality point of view JPEG 2000 is a true improvement, providing lossy and lossless compression, progressive and parseable bitstreams, error resilience, region of interest, random access and other features in one integrated algorithm. Concerning error resilience JPEG 2000 offers higher protection than JPEG, as shown in the previous section. 
JPEG 2000 provides the most flexible solution, combining good compression performance with a rich set of features. At present we can offer you our last software which can code from BMP to JPEG 2000 and WLT and can decode from these formats back into BMP one by one files or file packages. 
This software allows to code data with different quality, to look results of coding and to save the best results.

Besides, we have java-applet for decoding of JPEG 2000 formats. Applet has a possibility of separatly-layer decoding. If your problem is connected with graphic information processing, our software and codec based on JPEG 2000 is necessary for you. If you are interested in testing of software or purchase, may be in a more modified kind, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Progressive decoding of JPEG2000 compression

Initial image size=3316 byte

1/64 of initial image size ~ 1305 byte, the image has been decoded up to level 3

Initial image size=3316 byte

1/16 of initial image size ~ 2172 byte, the image has been decoded up to level 4

Initial image size=3316 byte

Decoded image size = 3314 byte. All 6 levels has been decoded

You may Download FREE Java decompressor for wavelet images created with Elecard Wavelet Image Compressor ver 2.0 and higher. You will never worry about compatibility - Java works everywhere! Decoder size is only 16439 bytes!

You can download shareware version of Elecard JPEG2000 Wavelet Image Compressor from our web site.


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